Best ashwagandha capsules

It’s been three thousand years since man discovered the amazing powers of ashwagandha. This yellow-flowered plant with its distinctive fragrance is now popular in the modern world in capsule form, making it easily accessible. Take it once a day, about half an hour before meals, and you’re done. We now have access to the valuable plant active ingredient in optimal quantities.

One of the most important ancient herbs in Ayurveda is ashwagandha. It resembles ginger like brothers and sisters and its value lies in its root. This is very important because ashwagandha capsules are sold in many places, just with different ingredients.

Which is the best ashwagandha capsule?
This is the question we will try to answer clearly. We already know that the root is the valuable part of the plant, which means that the best ashwagandha capsules will stand out from the competition if they contain only the root extract. The leaf, or the powder made from the whole plant, should not be used!

The best ashwagandha capsules are not plant powders, but extracts. Not dried ashwagandha, but an extract of ashwagandha that is 8-10 times more concentrated than the powder. It is made in an aqueous, milky solution and contains an amount of active ingredient that would require ten times the amount of powder to be consumed. One can contains up to 2 months’ worth. What is also important is that the ashwagandha capsule you choose is full spectrum, containing no chemicals or diluents!

Of course, you can claim anything about a product, but you should only believe what you believe. The best ashwagandha capsules have been shown to work in human clinical trials.

One such product is the USA medical KSM-66 ASHWAGANDHA® capsule, which has been supplemented with glycine. The unique KSM-66 Ashwagandha root extract is the result of a 14-year research and development process using a proprietary process. Through “Green Chemistry” processing, they were able to holistically extract all the root essences while preserving its natural healing properties.

The values of ashwagandha

It is good to know that ashwagandha is naturally enriched with alkaloids, iron, choline and 18 different fatty acids. It is an adaptogenic herb that has both psychological and physiological effects on the functioning of our body.

The benefits of consuming ashwagandha root are numerous. It relieves stress problems while having a positive effect on concentration. It makes you more resistant to stress and improves your ability to adapt to the outside world. It balances the body’s vital functions.

It is considered rejuvenating because it has a good effect on hormonal balance, so it can enhance libido and improve fertility.

KSM-66 ashwagandha extract has a wide range of effects based on research:
Anxiety, stress
High concentrations of full-spectrum Ashwagandha root extract reduced the scores of trial participants on all stress rating scales.
Male fertility
A significant positive change was observed after the application of ashwagandha extract. Male sperm counts increased by 167%, ejaculate volume by 53%, sperm cell activity by 57% and testosterone levels by about 17%.
Muscle strengthening, rehabilitation
Subjects’ muscle strength increased, testosterone levels increased, but body fat percentage decreased and no adverse symptoms were observed.
Cardiovascular balance
Participants who consumed asgwagandha had increased exercise efficiency and improved general health.
Sleep quality
Research shows that asgwagandha contributes to an actual increase in sleep quantity and quality.
Cognitive abilities
At the end of an eight-week experimental period, subjects showed significant improvements in general memory, logical memory, attention span, information processing speed and executive functions.
This article is in no way intended as a therapeutic suggestion, but is for informational purposes only. If you are concerned about the symptoms and information above, please consult your doctor before doing anything or making any changes.

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