Talk about sexuality!

Some of the sexual disorders of adulthood can be traced back to childhood. In many cases, the problem is not necessarily caused by a negative event or bullying, but by a family history of complete taboo around gender identity and sex.

Our bodies are constantly changing, whether we are thinking about adolescence or ageing. Our current state of sexuality also strongly influences our everyday life and our well-being. Unfortunately, a large part of society treats sexuality as a taboo subject, and that is very wrong. Sex and sexuality should be discussed in an age-appropriate way! There is a need for open communication during sex education, sexual maturation, medical examinations, sexual intercourse or even during a psychological discussion.

Open communication in the family is needed very early on. When a young child asks his or her first questions honestly and unsuspectingly, the parents should answer without blushing, without secrecy, and of course in a tone appropriate to the child’s level.

Then later on, adolescent changes and desires should not lead to silence and scolding. The parents’ reticence in their confusion can have serious negative consequences at this stage, which they obviously often do not even suspect. Under no circumstances should young people be discouraged from asking questions.

When a young person finds himself in the middle of his first sexual experience, he will be confident or shy because of the sex education he has received. If the subject has been treated as a taboo, there is a good chance that it will be full of fears, secrets, repressed ideas and desires.

All this leads to a situation where you dare not even go to a professional with sexual problems, but are tormented by ever-increasing inhibitions and anxieties. Yet a sexual psychologist is the person who can use his or her expertise to find a solution to a situation that seems hopeless. Their knowledge, qualifications and experience enable them to help their patients to make significant progress. Intimacy, sexuality, sex can be shaped, a more problem-free and fulfilling way of functioning can be achieved, bringing harmony and happiness into the life of a person who has previously had sexual problems.

All that is needed is to talk about sexuality. In the family, to prevent problems from developing or, later on, to repair the situation. We can also turn to the sexual psychologist Krisztián Füredi, available on the website, with our sexual life stagnations, difficulties, confusion and our need for couple therapy. We can put our fears aside and go to the first session, where we can experience how safe such a therapeutic situation is and how naturally we can talk about our problems. After that, everything is on track.

Source of the article from online magazine.