cbg oil

Values and properties of the active substance CBG

CBG, like CBD, is a cannabinoid. Its honorific name is cannabigerol and it is classified as a chemical of cannabis. Of course, this scares many people because it is only known for the mind-altering effects of cannabis, or hemp. But only one of its compounds causes it, and that is THC, which is indeed banned in our country.

Anyone looking for CBG is imagining a preparation without THC to get the increasingly popular compound into their system. Incredibly, CBG is also known as the father of cannabinoids for a number of its benefits.

What is not so good news is that very little CBG is found in hemp plants. Only 1%, compared to 20-25% for CBD and 25-300% for THC. However, it should also be noted that depending on what is desired to extract more of from the plant, there are also attempts at targeted cultivation. They have already succeeded in growing a cannabis plant with very little THC and a good amount of CBD, and from there it’s just a step to a CBG-rich plant. Incidentally, the THC compound is extracted from the compounds in a modern process, so that a completely THC-free CBG or CBD extract can be produced.

CBG can also be obtained through full spectrum or broad spectrum preparations, although in very small quantities. There are some types of formulations that have better ratios, so it is worth browsing the ingredients carefully. It may contain varying proportions of CBD, CBG and CBDa, check with the distributor.

Why is there less CBG?

CBG is mostly found in young cannabis plants. As the plant matures and ages, most of the CBG is converted into CBD and THC. Cross-breeding and genetic manipulation are also used to try to get the hemp plant to produce more CBG to make up for the lack of CBG.

CBG is also sought after because it is thought to enhance the function of anandamine, so it may have beneficial effects on mood, sleep, appetite and is seen as a potential pain reliever.

Research is being conducted to confirm its therapeutic effects, but human studies are rare to date. Publications on the subject can be found mainly on foreign sites.

For those who would like to consume CBG, the most obvious option is to take it with oil. If you want an isolate, you have to dig deep into your wallet, because it is very expensive. The best option is to use a broad spectrum CBD oil, which contains CBG.