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Mood swings can also be a warning sign of depression

When we are mentally healthy, we cope with daily sources of stress more successfully and perform our tasks more effectively. But mental difficulties can occur in all our lives and for a quarter of people, they can be more serious. This is when anxiety and depression can rear its head.

Many people don’t know what depression is exactly. There is no such thing as being depressed on a Friday and being fine on a Saturday. Depression is a persistent low mood and unhappiness. But one of the warning signs can be mood swings.

In mood swings, it is common for the depressive symptoms to be followed by a highly moody state, or for these to alternate without transition and for the middle mood stage to be absent. One minute we are doing our work with a burst of good humour, the next moment our mood becomes gloomy and our willingness to act plummets. This phenomenon is of serious concern when mood swings become more frequent and take longer and longer to overcome. Severe lethargy can lead to a state where we cannot even get our work done and mood swings can lead to alienation from friends and family. They are most likely to experience that the person is unpredictable, so sometimes they are “normal”, sometimes they are impossible to talk to. And they start to fear this.

Both depression and mood swings can be easily treated, as the psychologist in Budapest can be contacted freely by appointment. The therapist will identify the cause of the mood swings, assess the background of the depression and offer a supportive relationship that can help to resolve the problem.

Mood swings as depressive symptoms are prone to relapse, but have a good prognosis. There are ways of preventive therapy so that we can get ahead of adverse mood symptoms, sparing ourselves and those around us from the negative effects.

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