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Intimacy difficulties

One area of relationship difficulties is intimacy stuckness. When it occurs, it is not always clear how the couple’s life will continue.

Failure to try to find the cause of the stuckness can, unfortunately, lead to increased tensions and damage to other aspects of the relationship.

Intimacy is not entirely synonymous with sexuality, as it includes touch and intimate conversation. However, a sexual psychologist can provide the most effective help with these problems, as he or she has the experience and expertise to understand the need for gestures in a relationship that satisfy the need for physical and emotional intimacy, which is also a significant factor in sexuality. As does trust.

What can break intimacy in a relationship?
A lack of sex life will have a negative impact on both parties. It is not necessarily a lack of sexual intercourse, but the fulfilment of sexual needs, ideas and desires. Rejection is a negative stimulus which, by increasing the number of repetitions, can have a negative impact on intimacy between the two partners.

Conflicts should be resolved as soon as possible, and the holding of grudges should not have any impact on sexual life.

It is perhaps the loss of trust that can damage intimacy the most. Infidelity can leave a trail that is a serious psychological work and often fails. But if there is no infidelity, false accusations can do just as much harm.

On you will find a supportive sex psychologist who can help you find the right tone in your relationship and help you talk through your fears and doubts. According to Krisztián Füredi, there is a chance to turn a seemingly hopeless situation into a happy and balanced relationship, which is what everyone has been longing for.

What is the perfect intimacy?
When intimacy is seamless, two people experience harmonious closeness. Gradually they engage in deeper and deeper interactions, revealing to each other content and behaviours hidden to outsiders. The personal thoughts and feelings shared with the other strengthen intimacy. In good cases, self-disclosure is reciprocated and deepened.

Of course, achieving intimacy is not easy for anyone. You need to be patient and persistent, and if you encounter stumbling blocks or problems, you should seek help immediately.

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