Relationship problems from a sexual psychologist’s point of view

Intimacy and relationship problems are addressed by a sexual psychologist. He or she has a great deal of insight and experience in the various disorders of sexual function and sexual life, and can therefore offer effective help.

At least half of all Hungarian people of sexually active age suffer from sexual problems and unfortunately it is not clear to all of them that sex therapy can be effective. They prefer to sweep their problems under the carpet and put up with what can be a balanced and happy life.

It is good to know that sexual dysfunctions are not at all rare and it is difficult for the therapist to accept that he or she is not given the opportunity to restore the pleasure of lovemaking, the enjoyment of being together, to an unhappy couple through therapy. He is well aware that happiness and sexual harmony can be achieved in a shorter or longer period of time through the use of psychology and psychotherapeutic methods.

If sexual dysfunction is already causing physical and psychological problems, self-esteem problems, failure and frustration, one should not wait to consult a psychologist, or more precisely a therapist specialising in sexual psychology. Procrastination only deepens and multiplies problems.

It is worth being aware of the reassuring fact that a relationship is ideally not free of difficulties and conflicts. If the parties strive to find a solution and to live and live together in a balanced way, they can even resolve them themselves. There are situations, however, when shared joy is difficult to find for whatever reason. But this does not mean that fulfilment is not available to all. Personal differences can be an obstacle and life can always bring difficult circumstances. But the opportunity is always there to overcome obstacles.

From the very first meeting, the sexologist believes that by getting to know each other and themselves better, by exploring common needs, desires and opportunities, couples can change their relationship and overcome negative factors. Anyone who is experiencing sexual problems and would like to join this positive approach, while at the same time moving towards change, should contact a sex psychologist with considerable professional knowledge and experience, available at

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